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Developing the LIFESMART website

LIFESMART Toolkit: Pinterest and Folding

I use many hands-on tools and online tools to document projects and narrate stories. Each week, I will publish one blog post describing some of the tools in our LIFESMART toolkit. This week's tools are Pinterest and folding.

Yesterday, we decided to build on our existing website to create the LIFESMART Families website. A journey that began in 2007 suddenly led to a website!

We are documenting the project on folded paper plates. We can easily track project development using the visual and tactile folded tool. We are compiling the information on Pinterest so we can share project information in the LIFESMART community. Community members can see how activities from long ago are influencing our projects today.

Using Pinterest and Folding

Build a torus ring. The torus ring uses four paper plates.

Record information on the four paper plates.

1. Ananth's activities

  • Daily LIFE: Practice folding using Wholemovement (from 2007)

  • SMART Project: Develop LIFESMART wheel (2020)

2. Rama's activities

  • Daily LIFE: Study The PhD Project model (from 2007)

  • SMART Project: Write the Growing Systems of Success book (2018)

3. Ananth and Rama's activities

  • Daily LIFE: Attend entrepreneurship camp (2014)

  • SMART Project: Develop Growing Systems of Success website (2014)

4. Ananth and Rama's LIFESMART Families website activities

  • Daily LIFE: Integrate Fold, Color, Talk and LIFESMART

  • SMART Project: Develop LIFESMART Families website (2014)

Take pictures and upload to Pinterest.

Embed Pinterest board in the blog.

Try using Pinterest for organizing your pictures and sharing them on social media. More information on Wholemovement for folding circles is available here.

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