The Managing Moments process is based on the idea that we are continuously refining our ideas of our desired future.  We are also considering, starting, modifying, continuing, and extending projects based on information revealed by moments.  


Managing Moments distinguishes moments and actions. Actions happen over a period of time. However, the point of Managing Moments is that events happen at points in time that impact how actions unfold over extended periods of time.  

The LIFESMART curriculum is based on the Learning4LIFE philosophy and the Managing Moments method for setting goals and for tracking progress.   The LIFESMART curriculum is intended for learners, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, and others.


Learning4LIFE is a holistic, family-centered approach to lifelong learning. The four LIFE (Learning daily, Interests, Family Interactions, and Engagement) pillars are used to think about and organize learning over time. 



In Level 1, you will build a LIFESMART roadmap for yourself, your child/student, or for your family.

You will build a roadmap by completing a daily journaling activity.  Each daily journal will introduce an important element of the LIFESMART framework.  

Review the embedded Googledoc below the image to view the LIFESMART level 1 curriculum.


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